Commission on a Bill of Rights second consultation: a reminder

Many readers will be aware that the Commission on a Bill of Rights launched a second consultation on 11 July. It builds on the Commission’s 2011 Discussion Paper and, says the Commission, “on the views we have heard so far” in the previous consultation – to which I made a fairly tart response at the time. Further details of the second consultation can be found here: the closing date for responses is 30 September.

I blogged about this in July and included a list of the questions in the consultation document: my own response to the second consultation is here. The importance of the Commission’s deliberations for students of law and religion hardly needs to be stressed – whether, like me, you are on the side of maintaining the status quo (or something very like it) or whether you feel that Article 9 ECHR comes fairly low in the human rights pecking-order. But unless you tell it your views, the Commission will never know what you think about the proposal, so please give serious consideration to sending in a response.

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