End of Term Quiz: the answers

For those who attempted it, the answers to David’s end of term quiz

Q1. When did an Archbishop of York (and a co-editor of this blog) reach an audience of 9.6 million?

On 16 September 2012, Episode 1 of the third series of Downton Abbey – the wedding of Lady Mary Crawley was solemnized by the Archbishop of York, referred to in a later episode as “Dr Lang”. The choir of SS Peter and Paul, Wantage, stood in as extras at 12 hours’ notice.

Q2. Although legislation permits clergy of the Church of England to refuse to marry divorcees and those of changed gender, which “conscience clause” was removed in 1992 and what are clergy now obliged to do?

Conduct services associated with a cremation, following the repeal of s11, Cremation Act 1903, through s2(5) Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure 1992. 

Q3. Why should PCCs take precautions against the group of people “who indulge in a little jiggery-pokery and hunkle-schmunkle from time to time”?

Dishonest scrap dealers, as described by Lord Mancroft in the House of Lords debate on the Scrap Metal Dealers Bill, 9 August 1964.

Q4. To what does the following advice refer:

  • the site should be more than 30 metres from any spring or any running or standing water, and   should also be more than 10 metres from any ‘dry’ ditch or field drain;
  • the site should be at  least 50 metres away from any well, borehole or spring that supplies water for any use;
  • when preparing, there should be no standing water when first dug and very sandy soil should be avoided;
  • there should be at least one metre of soil above and below the deposit?

Environment Agency advice on home burials.

Q5. Attribute the following:

a) “He that would keep a secret must keep it secret that he hath a secret to keep”

b) “the truth is that in many of these statutes, the legislature has left the point open, you may as well toss a coin to decide it”

c)“… information disclosing the identity of a packer of a package, or the identity of the person who arranged with the packer of a package for the package to be made up, shall be treated as a trade secret …”

a) Francis Bacon, quoted by Sir Humphrey Appleby in the A Question of Loyalty episode of Yes, Minister; b) Lord Denning in Ex parte Island Records Ltd; c) section 64(2), Weights and Measures Act 1985.

Q6. In 2012, how did Defra make the monarchy more commercial? 

Waste from a royal palace to be reclassified as “commercial” (from “household”) in Schedule 1 to the Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 SI 811

Q7. Where and why was it decided that it was not wrong for a church “to facilitate transmission of pornography . . . . .[and] to gain financial advantage thereby, however slight or modest”?

In Re St Peter and St Paul’s, Chingford the Court of the Arches dismissed a petition for the installation of telecommunications equipment in the tower of the church.

Q8. What is the link between St James, Swimbridge, Devon, and R (on the application of Countryside Alliance and others and others (Appellants)) v Her Majesty’s Attorney General and another (Respondents), [2007] UKHL 52?

The vicar of Swimbridge, Devon, John Russell (‘Parson Jack’)bred and gave his name to the well-known terrier dog.

Q9Is the “droop quota”:

 a) the EU permitted level of straightness of bananas?

b) a commonly used measure in relation to Single Transferrable Voting?

c) an indication of the effects of drinking Belgian beer?

and what is its relevance to the Republic of Ireland?

b), the droop quota is used for the election of MEPs in the Republic of Ireland.

Q10What are classified as “red”, “blue”, “turquoise” or “pink”?

Weeks within the timetable of European Parliament.

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