LLM Canon Law Theses 2013

On 20th July 2012, we published the titles of the theses of the graduating from the Cardiff Law School with the degree of LLM.  This year, Graduation Day is on 18th July and this morning in St David’s Hall, the degree of Master of Laws in Canon Law will be conferred on the following graduands on the basis of their theses, below, and other formal submissions throughout the course.

–  Gavin Foster,Clerical Disobedience of Canon Law in the Church of England’.

– David Pocklington, The role of religion in the development of environmental legislation’.

– Mary Haynes Property Holdings and Faculties in the Anglican Diocese of Barbados and The Church in The Province of The West Indies’

– Nuala Jackson, ‘Towards a universal definition of marriage – can a comparative analysis of certain religious and civil nullity laws assist in the formulation of a universal definition of marriage in modern society?’

–  Susan Pope, ‘Harries Twenty Years On: Ethical Investment for the Church of England Today’.

Consolidated lists of theses from 1994 to 2003, and 2004 to 2008 have been published in the Ecclesiastical Law Journal, [(2004) 7 Ecc LJ 371 and (2009) 11 Ecc LJ 371, respectively]. For the record, the title of Frank’s dissertation was ‘”Gifts differing”: separation of powers in church government in the United Kingdom’.

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