Religion and law round up – 27th April

Inevitably a fairly quiet week, dominated by the PM’s views on cultural Christianity and complaints about the lousy soundtrack on Jamaica Inn

A Christian country?

We have studiously avoided posting on the recent dispute about whether or not the United Kingdom (or, as people who should know better nevertheless insist on calling it, “Britain”) is a Christian country. We’ve kept quiet partly on the grounds that if it is a law & religion issue it’s a fairly marginal one, partly because it’s a matter of debate rather than fact, partly because some of the key documents are behind various paywalls – and partly because we’ve no reason to suppose that anyone would be interested in our views on the matter anyway. Following, however, is what we hope is a useful (and balanced) selection of links to some of the main contributions to the discussion:

But for a dispassionate judicial view we cannot do better than to refer readers to the speech by Sir James Munby P on Law, Morality and Religion in the Family Courts. In light of the above it bears re-reading.

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