Scottish independence and the Establishment Principle?

As noted in an earlier roundup, the Free Church of Scotland has released a report by its Communications Committee and four papers from different perspectives which consider the place of Christianity in a post-referendum Scotland, in advance of its General Assembly in Edinburgh:

  • Communications Committee report;
  • Independence paper one by The Revd Dr John Ross, former Moderator and minister at Glenurquhart and Fort Augustus;
  • Independence paper two by The Revd Professor Donald Macleod, lately Principal of the Free Church College;
  • Independence paper three by The Revd Gordon Matheson, minister at Sleat and Strath;
  • Independence paper four by Neil D M MacLeod, solicitor and Session Clerk of St Columba Free Church, Edinburgh.

Mr Matheson and Mr MacLeod write from a pro-independence perspective while Professor Macleod and Dr Ross are pro-Union.

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