OMG: Boston Red Sox and the Catholic Church

This week saw the launch of a new website Crux “covering all things Catholic”, which describes its role as:

Crux strives to cover the worldwide institution of the Roman Catholic Church, from the papacy to the hierarchy to local dioceses. We’ll explore the theology, doctrine, liturgy, practices, and traditions of Catholicism in the context of the life of modern-day Catholics, giving full voice to disagreements and challenges facing the Church and Catholics. We will examine Catholicism in the context of other religious traditions.

We also will explore the personal faith and spirituality of Catholics and what it means to live a Catholic life.

Finally, we hope you’ll join in to help us build an engaged community of Catholics and non-Catholics alike who come here to comment on current events and discuss social, theological, ethical, and spiritual issues.”

The post by Justin Ellis Building a bigger congregation: Why the Boston Globe is launching a site devoted to Catholic news gives some background to this new venture by John Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox, who purchased the Globe about a year ago.  The article includes some interesting insights on the commercial aspects on the establishment of the site, which apparently took only 10 weeks from start to finish.

Its navigation bar has just three options: Church; Faith; and Life, and beneath these are current hot topics which at the time of writing were: Pope Francis; Abortion; Native Americans; and Bad nuns? It also has an advice column entitled OMG, the first ethical dilemma addressed being taking home “office supplies” as a quid pro quo for working long hours and unpaid overtime.  The extent to which Crux addresses “law and religion” will become clearer over time, but in the short term we will add it to the other sites we monitor.

Crux, fidelis et inter omnes?

We await to see.

3 thoughts on “OMG: Boston Red Sox and the Catholic Church

  1. From the analysis article it looks to be US-centric so maybe of limited use to those of us on this side of the pond. But definitely worth keeping an eye on, especially if I need to know where I stand with nicking office supplies.

  2. With the names “Fishwrap”, “The Bitter Pill”, “Jezebel’s Trumpet” and “Society of Hinge and Bracket” already taken, one wonders how the new publication will be referred to? Over to you, Fr. Z.

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