Scottish Referendum: What next?

The independence referendum in Scotland on 18 September 2014 returned a No vote by a margin of 55% to 45%. A substantial amount of official and other information has been generated in relation to the referendum on Scottish Independence: this post provides links to the material of the UK Parliament; reports of non-governmental analyses and reviews will be included in our weekly round-ups, as they become available.

Pre-referendum vote

Pre-referendum material is summarized in Scotland referendum 2014, which includes articles produced by the Commons Library.  This comprises four main groups: Official Statements; Referendum articles; Referendum publication resources; and Key Publications.  In addition, there is a useful timeline of important dates and events relevant to the referendum on Scottish independence, from the 1707 Act of Union onwards.

The Official Statements include: Statement by the Prime Minister 19 September 2014; Statement by the First Minister of Scotland 19 September 2014; The Electoral Commission – Scottish Referendum website; Scottish Government: referendum results; Statement from Yes Scotland; and Statement from Better Together

The Commons Library produced a series of Referendum Articles which explored the potential impact on the UK of Scottish independence, including: Impact on the UK; UK Parliament; Economy; Public finances; Currency; Trident; International organisations; Borders and citizenship; Energy; Pensions; Social security; The NHS; and The BBC. These articles were archived on 18th September 2014.

In addition, links are provided to Referendum publication resources, i.e. Library briefings, Committee reports and major reports by the UK and Scottish Governments on the referendum.  These are: Defence resources; Economy resources; Energy resources; Independence resources; International relations resources; The Process resources.

The Key publications include: Scottish referendum, (UK Government); Scottish independence referendum factsheets, (UK Government); Scotland Analysis, (UK Government papers); Scotland’s Future, (Scottish Government); Commons Scottish Affairs Committee reports; Referendum (Scotland) Bill Committee, (Scottish Parliament); Scottish Independence Referendum Bill, (Scottish Parliament); Scottish Independence Referendum (Franchise) Bill, (Scottish Parliament); Electoral Commission; Yes Scotland, (referendum campaign group); and Better Together, (referendum campaign group).

Post-referendum vote

During the referendum campaign the three main UK parties committed to further devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament. The House of Commons Library  Standard Note SN06987: Devolution Proposals  traces the commitment to a “timetable” for new powers, summarizes substantive new powers proposed by each party individually, and looks at commentaries on their potential impact.

Prior to the referendum, it was announced that the Prime Minister would appear before the House of Commons Liaison Committee at 4.00pm on Tuesday 14 October 2014, when the meeting will focus on the Governance of the UK in the light of the Scottish Referendum. Those unable to be in Portcullis House may watch the ~90 minute evidence session, here.

On 19 September, it was reported that the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee had agreed to hold an inquiry looking at the future of devolution in the United Kingdom, in the light of the referendum result, and its Terms of Reference are published here.  The deadline for written submissions, “not significantly” in excess of 3000 words, is 23 October 2014.  Those wishing to submit written evidence to the inquiry should do so online

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