Lords Spiritual (Women) Bill published

In a written statement, HCWS140, Sam Gyimah (Minister for the Constitution) announced that today, 18 December, the Government is introducing the Lords Spiritual (Women) Bill to the House of Commons:

“The Bill follows the legislation permitting women to be ordained bishops. That was completed by the General Synod of the Church of England on 17 November. With the way clear for the first women to be appointed, it is right that those women should be amongst the Bishops who occupy seats in the House of Lords (known as Lords Spiritual). This Bill is intended to allow that to happen sooner than it would under the existing rules.

Currently, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the Bishops of Durham, London and Winchester automatically take seats in the House of Lords. The remaining 21 seats are occupied by Bishops in order of seniority (length of service). Under the current system, it would be many years before women bishops were represented in the Lords.

The Government’s Bill, which is supported by the Church of England, proposes a modification of this rule for the next ten years, so that if a female bishop is available when a Lords Spiritual seat becomes vacant, [she] will automatically be appointed to the House of Lords. If no female bishop is available, the vacancy would be filled by the next most senior male bishop, as currently happens.”

A copy of the Bill may be found here, the explanatory notes here, and a copy of the Church House Press Release here. An analysis of the Bill’s provisions will be made in a subsequent post.

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