End of Year Quiz for 2014

As in previous years, we have compiled a quiz concerning events in law and religion during 2014, many of which have featured in our posts.  Answers will be published on 3rd January.

1. Who on New Year’s Eve left a voicemail message when the nuns didn’t answer the phone; and what were they doing?

IMG_2055(5)2. What have the following in common: peaceful protesters, noisy children in the street, street preachers, canvassers, carol singers, trick-or-treaters, church bell ringers, clay pigeon shooters and nudists; the choir of Bath Abbey; and Japanese Knotweed?

3. Is a “nodding ogee”: (a) the vicar’s “yes man” on the PCC; (b) a stall at the Church Christmas Fair; or (c) a double-curved, pointed arch that also points forward at the top?

IMG_2055(3A)4. What is the density of popes within Vatican City?

5. Which of these bodies has official status within the Houses of Parliament: Parliamentary Inquiry into Foodbanks and Food Poverty (the CofE’s Press Release); Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards (of which the Archbishop of Canterbury is a member); and Lord Falconer’s Commission on Assisted Dying?

6. Which web site promises “marriage provides more and better sex: Sex within marriage has an enduring and unifying quality”?

7. Place in order of severity, “stooshie”; “rammie” [alt. “ram-sammy”]; and “stramash” , and how was Scottish Composed James MacMillan involved”?

8. Link the following “firsts” of 2014: Jeremy Pemberton and Laurence Cunnington; Celia Kitzinger and Sue Wilkinson; Jan Tipper and Barb Burden; Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow; Douglas Pretsell and Peter Gloster; and Mary Portas and Melanie Rickey.

IMG_1594(2) Advent9. By which other name are these organizations known: The Society of Hinge and Bracket; Jezebel’s Trumpet: The Bitter Pill; Fishwrap?

10. Is the phrase “Do you know the bishop of Norwich?”: i] A reference to the Rt Rev Henry Bathurst, (+ Norvic, 1805 to 1837) to encourage one’s fellow diners to pass the port; or ii] An Anglican priest’s query as to whether one is on the (non-existent) “blacklist” of the Rt Rev Graham James for marrying their same-sex partner?

11. Which diocese ceased its 700 year episcopal oversight over the Channel Islands following a dispute over Deanery funds?

12. When did the Pollen count reach 343, and how were the King of Norway and the Church Commissioners involved? Advent I

13. Link the following: a Bishop’s Farewell; Stinking Bishop; Smoking Bishop; and how is the latter translated to a Smoking Archbishop?

14. Who said “Vatican II did destroy music and turned everything happy-clappy. It’s a frustration – you go to a Catholic church and nobody really sings the hymn, they mumble because they’ve got some lousy little electronic organ and somebody who can’t play it …”?

15. Who was upbraided by his staff for “walking on the water”?

16. What did Pope Francis say to the Curia in his end-of-Advent address: “Hai tutto fatto molto bene”; c’è anche la malattia dell’”alzheimer spirituale“; or “curare i vostri rapporti con gli altri“?

fireworks17. Who admitted that he was not “omniscient and omnipotent” but was praised for his compendious knowledge?

18. What actions were described as being “really, really stupid”, and by whom?

19. What links the former bishop of Oxford; Wallace and Grommit; and  the “Two Fat Ladies”?

20. What animal links Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Thomas William Hicks? 


Suggested citation: David Pocklington : ‘End of Year Quiz – 2014’ (Law & Religion UK, 24 December 2014) (available at http://wp.me/p2e0q6-4fg)

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