Calling the banns in Scotland? – on reflection, maybe not

In August 2012 I posted Calling the banns in Scotland: a curiosity for canon law anoraks, on the issue of calling the banns at a church in Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland for a marriage in England or Wales. What follows continues the theme.

S 13 Marriage Act 1949 reads as follows:

Publication of banns in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland: Where a marriage is intended to be solemnized in England, after the publication of banns of matrimony, between parties of whom one is residing in England and the other is residing in Scotland, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, then, if banns have been published or proclaimed in any church of the parish or place in which that other party is residing according to the law or custom there prevailing, a certificate given in accordance with that law or custom that the banns have been so published or proclaimed shall as respects that party be sufficient for the purposes of section eleven of this Act, and the marriage shall not be void by reason only that the banns have not been published in the manner required for the publication of banns in England”. Continue reading