Religion and Law round-up – 15th February

The Muslim Council of GB published a fascinating demographic study, the issue of anti-Semitism was in the news again – and yoga didn’t do too well either… 

Muslims in Britain

The Muslim Council of Great Britain has published an extremely interesting piece of research: British Muslims in Numbers A Demographic, Socio-economic and Health profile of Muslims in Britain drawing on the 2011 Census. Billed as “a frank snapshot of the state of British Muslim life based on numbers taken from the 2011 Census”, it is a detailed study of the Muslim population focusing on the demographic, socio-economic, and health profile of Muslims, with commentary, policy observations, conclusions, and areas for further research. Well worth reading.

Islamophobia and denial of entry to the UK

On 5 February the Court of Appeal handed down judgment in R (Geller & Anor) v The Secretary of State for the Home Department [2015] EWCA Civ 45, refusing to overturn the Home Secretary’s decision on 25 June 2013 to deny Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer entry to the UK on the grounds that their exclusion from the UK was conducive to the public good. The pair, co-founders of Stop Islamization of America, were planning to address a rally of the English Defence League in Greenwich on 29 June 2013 – which happened to be Armed Forces Day. Continue reading