Non-party campaigning: donations update

Last week, the Electoral Commission published details of the donations received by registered ‘non-party campaigners” for the period 19 September to 18 December 2014.  Only three non-party campaigners reported donations in excess of £7,500 during this period:

  • The Campaign for British Influence in Europe Limited a the cross-party pro-EU membership campaign which received £175,000 from Lord David Sainsbury and Betterworld Limited;
  • Vote for Policies Ltd, an independent non-profit run by volunteers, whose aim is to increase participation in elections, and make policies the focus of everyone’s voting decision. Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd gave this group £11,225, and other smaller donations between £500 and £7,500 were also received’
  • Vote-OK, which “aims to ensure that in May 2015 that we elect a government that will understand and appreciate the ways of the countryside, and will bring forward, on the basis of a free vote, legislation to repeal the Hunting Act 2004”, received £14,639 from The Hunting Office, as well as some small donations.

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