Bishop of Oxford appointment: reconsideration in 2016

The Diocese of Oxford has issued the following Press Release:

“Search for new Bishop continues

The Archbishop of Canterbury has issued a pastoral letter to the Diocese of Oxford saying that the search for the new Bishop of Oxford continues.

The Crown Nominations Commission (CNC) met over two days in May. However the meeting concluded without a nomination. This means that the See of Oxford will be considered again early next year, because of the number of other vacant Sees. Meanwhile Bishop Colin will continue in his role as Acting Bishop of Oxford.

Bishop Colin said: “While it is clearly disappointing that the vacancy is being extended until later next year, it is of course vitally important that the right appointment is made. In the mean time I have every confidence in our senior staff to continue to work with God in growing the Church in this Diocese. We continue to commit the process into God’s hands.”

For Archbishop Justin’s pastoral letter, please see below, [this is also published on the Church’s web pages, here].

From the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Diocese of Oxford Vacancy in the See of Oxford

An update from the Archbishop of Canterbury – Chair of the Commission

You will be aware that the Crown Nominations Commission met on the 11th and 12th May to consider the nomination of the next Bishop of Oxford and to meet with possible candidates.

I am writing to advise that the Commission has been unable to discern the candidate whom God is calling at this stage to be the next Bishop of Oxford.  Under the election rules under which we operate, no candidate received the required number of votes for nomination.

The Crown Nominations Commission already has a number of meetings in place for the rest of this year. The Oxford CNC will reconvene on the 4th February 2016 with the second meeting on the 7th/8th March 2016. Bishop Colin will continue to provide oversight to the diocese as he has done over the past few months during the interregnum and I am very grateful to him for this.

Many of you will have had the Crown Nominations Commission in your prayers and I thank you for them. I will continue to keep the diocese in my prayers over the next months.

This will not be the news that you wanted to hear but please take this as a sign of our commitment to find the right person to be your next bishop.”

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2 thoughts on “Bishop of Oxford appointment: reconsideration in 2016

  1. Given that the Commission ‘can’t discern’ then perhaps a legitimate conclusion is that God doesn’t want there to be a new Bishop of Oxford?

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