Shrewsbury baby ashes inquiry: Report

An independent inquiry into infant cremations at Emstrey Crematorium in Shrewsbury was commissioned by Shropshire Council following requests from bereaved families to investigate cases where no ashes were returned to families following the cremation of a baby or unborn child. The inquiry commenced on 10 December 2014 and was led by David Jenkins, a solicitor and former Chief Executive of Dorset County Council, who was been recommended for the role by the Local Government Association.

The Terms of Reference included a review the policies, practices and procedures adopted by Emstrey Crematorium and its partners when carrying out infant cremations during the past fifteen-year period, and to publish a series of findings and recommendations. For the purposes of the inquiry, “infant cremations” included cremations of foetuses of more than 24 weeks and infants of up to 12 months. However, the inquiry also had discretion exceptionally to consider individual cases of children older than this at the request of individual parents. Continue reading