A voice for the Church in Parliament

The advocacy of the Church of England has been well aired in the blogosphere over the past couple of weeks, with the Revd Stephen Heard’s guest post for Archbishop Cranmer The way the Church does politics is largely ineffective and our own contribution Politics and the CofE. This week, Gillan Scott has posted Five things the Church should be lobbying government about on Christian Today, concerning Sunday’s report from the Evangelical Alliance which discussed evangelical Christians’ views of poverty and how it should be tackled; and today on Archbishop Cranmer, Evangelical Alliance spins its own research to attack Government over poverty – both raising issues to which we will return.

Against this background and Sir Tony Baldry’s article in the current Ecclesiastical Law Journal, it is timely that Caroline Spelman, the recently appointed Second Church Estates Commissioner has herself both given us the useful acronym “2CEC” and posted on her new role. Continue reading