White supremacist charged with inciting racial hatred

In this week’s round-up we mentioned the judgment by the Grand Chamber ECtHR in Delfi AS v Estonia [2015] ECHR 586, in which it held by fifteen votes to two that an online news portal was liable for offensive comments posted by its readers below one of its news articles.

In a rather similar vein, the Jewish Chronicle reports that a white supremacist, one Joshua Bonehill-Paine, has been charged with inciting racial hatred in various blog posts ahead of a neo-Nazi protest due to take place in north-west London next week. According to the report, he is in custody and is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today, Monday.

Earlier this week a series of offensive images and comments appeared on his website, including such items as

“Liberate Golders Green: An anti-Jewification event. We’ve become complacent and allowed for weeds to grow in the cracks of London. It’s time to clear them out with round-up and liberate Golders Green for future generations of white people. Join us on July 4 for what promises to be an absolute gas!”

A second image showed an emoticon designed to look like Hitler and read: “Hey kids! We’re going to Golders Green on July 4 for a party. Join us for what promises to be an absolute gas!”

A police spokeswoman said:

“Officers continue to assess all information and intelligence available in relation to the proposed demonstration and speak with the organisers to ensure we have an appropriate policing response in place … We are aware of concerns in the local community about the negative impact this proposed demonstration may have on them and are working with residents to ensure that people can exercise their rights in a way that is lawful, while minimising this impact.”

At his court appearance he was remanded in custody on a charge of inciting racial hatred, contrary to Part 3 (Racial hatred) Public Order Act 1986.

[updated 30 June]

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