Rachel Treweek: Introduction to Lords

The House of Lords Business Papers for Thursday 17 September 2015 indicated that along with a the Rt Hon Andrew Lansley CBE and Shaista Sheehan, the Rt Rev Rachel Treweek, The Lord Bishop of Gloucester will be introduced to the Upper House on Monday 26 October at 2.30pm.

Details of Bishop Rachel currently on the Parliamentary web site are:

Full title: The Rt Rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester

Name: Rachel Treweek

Joined the Lords: 7 September 2015

 Party/group: Bishops


In a post last year we speculated that an appropriate style for women bishops in the House of Lords might be: “The Right Reverend Prelate, the Lady Bishop of [Barchester], but noted that it was some time after her appointment before the title of the first female member of the Court of Appeal (Butler-Sloss LJ) was changed to “Lady Justice”.

WATCH this space.

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