The Government’s new counter-extremism strategy: a summary

The Government introduced a new counter-extremism strategy on 19 October. The Government had previously introduced a new statutory Prevent duty in order that all local authorities, schools, universities and colleges, NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts, police, probation services and prisons should be clear that they must take action to prevent people being drawn into terrorism [38].

According to the new announcement, the counter-extremism strategy builds on that work; but it also recognises that the need to go further:

“We must counter the ideology of non-violent and violent extremists alike. We must continue our efforts to tackle neo-Nazi as well as Islamist extremism and respond better to the growing problems of hate crime in our communities. Just as important is addressing the underlying problem of segregated and isolated communities that can provide an environment in which extremism can take root” [39]. Continue reading