More “At Risk” CofE Buildings in 2015

Today, 20 October 2015, Historic England published its Heritage at Risk Register, giving “an annual snapshot of the health of England’s historic environment.” Overall, the latest findings show fewer entries in the 2015 Register than in 2014. However, although 113 places of worship were removed from the register following repairs, a further 159 places of worship were added taking the total to 930 (all denominations); this represents 6.3% of listed places of worship and includes buildings which are generally in fair or good condition but have a significant problem with one major element, like the tower. Others are vulnerable to becoming at risk. The main threats are failing: roofs; gutters; downpipes; and high level stonework. The Register states that undertaking simple, regular, maintenance is essential to prevent these buildings declining into a poor or very bad condition

Historic England is continuing: to fund diocesan Support Officers who play a key role in helping parishes to manage their places of worship, plan for the future and apply for grant aid; and to provide specialist advice to the Heritage Lottery Fund on applications for Grants for Places of Worship. Continue reading