Yet another Greek-Catholic property dispute: Siseşti Greek-Catholic Parish v Romania

And it’s back to something less exciting…

The Romanian Greek-Catholic Church [Biserica Română Unită cu Roma, Greco-Catolică] is one of the Eastern-rite sui iuris jurisdictions in communion with the Roman Pontiff. The Siseşti Parish brought an action to recover possession of property confiscated from it when the Greek-Catholic Church was dissolved by the Communist regime in 1948. At the dissolution the Church’s property had been transferred to the state, apart from parish property, which was transferred to the Orthodox Church.

The Greek-Catholic Church was officially recognised again after the fall of Ceaușescu in December 1989. As regards the legal position of former Greek-Catholic property, the Legislative Decree laid down that disputes should be adjudicated by joint commissions of representatives of the clergy of both denominations and that, in reaching their decisions, the commissions should take account of “the wishes of the adherents of the communities to whom the properties belong”. In the event of disagreement between the clerical representatives, proceedings could be commenced under ordinary domestic law. Continue reading