End of Year Quiz – 2015

As in previous years, we have compiled a quiz concerning events in law and religion during 2015, many of which have featured in our posts.  Answers will be published on Saturday, 9 January 2016.

IMG_2055(5)1. Where did an entrepreneur and a topless protester spend Christmas in 2014?

2. What organization was praised for its “great effort, responsibility, commitment and dedication” despite suffering from “a catalogue of … diseases” and “scandals”?

3. How and when did Israel vanish from the Middle East?

4. Which uncommon event in the Palace of Westminster did Hansard record in the case of Hilary Benn but not for the Rt Rev Rachel Treweek?

5. On what occasions has the Roman Catholic Church used a chimpanzee to deliver its message?

6. Which CofE archbishop is related to Lady Williams of Elvel, Sir Winston Churchill’s private secretary: i] Rowan Williams; ii] Justin Welby; or iii] John Sentamu?

7. Which UK judgment included references to: three wise monkeys; UKIP sausage rolls; and Eric Pickles?

8. In what context is “short” the opposite of “great”?St M-t-V Faorford, 2013

9. What is canonically significant about the following numbers 7, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 35, 75, 80.

10. How was Angela Merkel airbrushed from history, by whom, and why?

11. For whom was 8 December a “Radiant Dawn” and what is the connection with “O Nata Lux“?

12. What links plastic bags, organ donation and burial & cremation?

13. Name the three top 50 British hit songs that were sung entirely in Latin.

14. One of the most significant acronyms of the year was CBDRRC, but what does it mean, and how were the churches involved?

15. Which high street retailer banned the words “Jesus Christ” in gift messages ordered on-line, and (predictably) who became alarmed?St Mary, Chalgrove, IMG_4922(2)

16. Which two documents have been on display in New York, Luxembourg, Lisbon, Brussels and the Far East, and how are they linked to Gratian’s Decretum?

17. Which of the following e-petitions has attracted the greatest number of signatures: (i) “Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK”; (ii) “Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated”; and “Block Donald J Trump from UK entry”?

18. In 2015, which university launched its centre for the study of religious relics: (i) Bologna; (ii) Oxford: or (iii) Leicester?

19. What is Sayer’s law and is it relevant to the General Synod?

20. What have the following in common: Pope Stephen VI; the Crown Prosecution Service; and the Russian government?

21. Link a colander, a teapot and religion.

22. How are the Cow and Calf rocks in Yorkshire associated with the Christmas story?IMG_2055(3A)

24. Which is the odd one out: Hassanal Bolkiah; Jeremy Corbyn; or Oliver Cromwell?

24. Of what was it said ““By comparison to what it could have been, it’s a miracle. By comparison to what it should have been, it’s a disaster“?

25. Join, most serenely, the following saints: Saints Protasio and Gervasio; Saints Ermagora and Fortunato; and Saints Canziano, Canzio, and Canzionello.

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