House arrest, Mass and Article 9: Süveges v Hungary


In Süveges v Hungary [2016] ECHR 22 Mr Süveges was a practising Roman Catholic and teacher of religion. He was arrested on charges of incitement to aggravated murder and unlawful possession of firearms and explosives. He complained of breach of various Articles of the ECHR; but the detail which concerns us here is that during 2012 he was placed under house arrest rather than detained in prison and, during that period, was not allowed to leave the house. During his house arrest he had made various requests for one-off leave, including visits to family members, which were granted. But other requests for more regular visits to his mother and father, both of whom were in poor health, were refused; and in December 2012 the High Court dismissed his application for leave to attend Sunday Mass and that decision was upheld on appeal. Continue reading