Flood damage and the faculty jurisdiction

Court decides between conflicting expert advice post-flood remediation

At the end of last year, we posted Guidance to churches on flooding  which reproduced information circulated by the Diocese of York for those whose church is at risk of flooding, or has been flooded. This  included links to the 2-page Checklist for church properties to prepare for flooding and the longer Flooding and Historic Buildings published by Historic England in April 2015. In addition, the CofE has also posted Keeping the water at bay – how churches can adjust to regular flooding.

Our post noted “whilst the issue of flooded churches is outside the normal remit of L&RUK until remediation falls within the faculty jurisdiction, [these] links may be of use to those who have suffered flood damage”. The present post summarizes the concerns on the extent of flood damage that have been raised in Westminster, and a recently published consistory court judgment on two alternative technical solutions that had been presented to the court. Continue reading