LGBTI apology from Archbishops

Today the Church of England published the following reply by the Archbishop of York on behalf of himself and the Archbishop of Canterbury to the letter from Jayne Ozanne and co-signatories which called for an acknowledgement of the Church’s failure in a “duty of care” to LGBTI members of the body of Christ around the world, and for repentance foe accepting and promoting discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.

“Reply to letter from Jayne Ozanne and co-signatories

16 February 2016

The Church of England has today published a response of the Archbishops of York and Canterbury to the letter received from Jayne Ozanne and co-signatories from January of this year.

A pdf of the Archbishops’ letter is here.”

In reply Jayne Ozanne ‏@JayneOzanne tweeted:

“Full response from @JustinWelby & @JohnSentamu welcomed by original 105 signatories to their letter calling for LGBTI apology @cofe @synod

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