More Sunday trading? – so that’s a “no”, then

By 317 votes to 286 the Commons rejected proposals in a late amendment to the Enterprise Bill [Lords] to allow councils to extend Sunday opening hours for large stores. 27 Conservatives rebelled and were joined by Labour and the SNP. The Government had hoped to relax existing restrictions on Sunday trading that limit large shops to opening for a maximum of six hours by devolving responsibility for setting opening hours to local councils.

According to a subsequent report by the BBC, ministers later announced that they would not attempt to reintroduce the proposal in the current Bill. Said the planning minister Brandon Lewis:

“We respect the view of the House of Parliament. The Commons has spoken and given a very clear view – we have to absolutely respect that.”

Indeed. Since the proposal was rejected at report stage in the second House, it’s slightly difficult to see what procedural mechanism they could use to take it any further.

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