Challenge to Brexit process to be heard in Irish courts

Irish Legal News reports that Jolyon Maugham QC has raised over £70,000 through crowdfunding to challenge the Brexit process in the Irish courts. He plans to take the Government of Ireland, the European Council and the European Commission to court on behalf of UK MEPs, who intend to have key questions referred to the European Court of Justice: whether a notification under Article 50 can be revoked and whether Brexit means that the UK will automatically leave the European Economic Area. He said that the action – for declaratory relief – was being taken in Ireland because, he contends, the Irish Government has colluded in a breach of the EU Treaties by wrongly excluding the UK from meetings of the EU Council:

“Should Parliament control the terms on which we Brexit? Could we have a referendum on the final deal – or is the consequence of triggering Article 50 that we will leave the EU whatever the terms? By triggering Article 50, does the UK also leave the EEA, or is there a separate decision to make about whether we remain in the European Economic Area and Single Market?

His statement of claim has been published on his website.

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