End of Year Quiz – 2016

As in previous years, we have compiled a quiz concerning events in law and religion during 2016, many of which have featured in our posts. Answers will be published on Saturday, 7 January 2017.

1. Link the following consistory court judgments with the appropriate music:

(a) Re St Andrew Castle Coombe [2016] ECC Bri 2 and Re St. Peter East Bridgford [2016] ECC S&N 4; (b) Re St. Bartholomew Wick [2016] ECC Bri 3 (c) Re St. Bartholomew Leigh [2016] ECC Swk 4.

i] Thomas the Tank Engine theme; ii] La ci darem la mano; iii] This is the Record of John.

2. What have the following in common: Liverpool Cathedral; the Angel of the North; and the Arcelor Mittal Orbit sculpture commissioned for the London Olympics?

3. Who was “three times a lady” and how did she influence the governance of English cathedrals?

4.  Where and why did a pagoda replace the swastika?

5. Who was buried in a coffee pot?

6. What links a recent development in New Zealand marriage law to In dulci jubilo and the Boar’s Head carol?

7. This year why were 15 March and 16  October of importance to Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu?

8. Complete the sequence: Rufus of England, Munich, Wilberforce, Humphrey, Sybil …

9. If 0=a; 1=g; and 2=f, what letters equate to 3, 4, 5, and 6, and why was this important during 2016?

10. Why should the UK Supreme Court have considered the importance of the Dangerous Dogs Act?

11. What have the following in common:

(a) A bottle of whisky, a cigar and a “favourite pen”; and part of the proceeds of the Hatton Garden heist?

(b) A saturno (cappello romano);  coprophagics; and a self-absorbed, Promethean neo-Pelagian?

(c) The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Hale of Richmond D.B.E; Eccles (the blogger); the Chancellor of the Leeds Diocese; and twelve angry men?

12. Who wanted green dandelions, and why?

13. Who said to Boris Johnson “you have an unusually long history of wild exaggerations and frankly outright lies”: (a) Emily Thornberry, Shadow Foreign Secretary; (b) Michael Gove; (c) Marina Wheeler QC; or (d) 22. Gardiner Harris, of the New York Times?

14. What is the connection between James, Charlie, Danny, Henry & George? [the ONS has the answer]

15. On what occasion might you hear the following words, and what do they mean: contumacious (adj); weet (v); and porrect (v)?

16. Suggest the correct pronunciation for “De Keyser”.

17. In which church is: (a) An eight-sided, mirrored font; (b) A font described by a Deputy Chancellor as “more like a toilet than a font”?

18. If there are 38 provinces including England how could Archbishop Welby invite 39 primates to Primates 2016 in Lambeth Palace?

19. Clarify how a troublesome priest made a long overdue return (in part) to England in 2016?

20. Complete the sequences:

Green, Orange, Blue, Red …
Aqua, Blue, Gold, Grey, Jade …

21. What do the following have in common?

Lord Carey, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Michael Howard.

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