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We welcome comments, subject to the following conditions:

  • We will not publish comments that, in our opinion, are abusive, racist, homophobic, potentially defamatory or otherwise capable of offending the laws against hate speech – or common decency.
  • Since L&RUK is intended as a blog for academic comment, those that add little to the academic debate on a particular issue are unlikely to be published.
  • As a rule of thumb, we will not normally publish comments received more than fourteen days from the original day of posting.
  • Anonymous comments will not be published.

Our decision as to whether or not a comment should be published is final.

Frank Cranmer & David Pocklington

9 thoughts on “Comments policy

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  2. Whilst the L&R posts are greatly appreciated, I am an infrequent commenter anywhere, but am moved to say that two weeks is not enough time, except for the leisurely! After reference is made to two year old comments as most likely being irrelevant, there are perhaps too many quantum leaps to two weeks, which appears far too little. For those on ‘real’ holiday or travelling for work, a 2-4 hiatus in attendance to emails and hence L&R blog alerts would not be unusual (never mind the ensuing backlog). Why not first make it two calendar months and see how it goes first?

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  4. During Coronavirus this is about the most helpful email I get regularly. It’s clear, concise and accurate. I cant thank you enough.

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