Is the Government ditching withdrawal from the ECHR?

The Telegraph reports that the Conservative Party is now unlikely to proceed with a commitment to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights by the end of the next Parliament in 2022. The Prime Minister was expected to write the commitment into the Conservative Election Manifesto; according to the report, however, senior Government figures have told The Telegraph they expect her to drop the commitment because – should she win the General Election – it would be a major distraction from the Brexit negotiations.

So, concludes the report, “Britain” (or as we picky lawyers like to call it, “the United Kingdom”) is likely to continue to be bound by the ECHR for another five years, whatever happens on 8 June. We’ll see whether or not it’s true when the Manifesto is published.

One thought on “Is the Government ditching withdrawal from the ECHR?

  1. This will be a long and winding road where promises are worthless and hopes usually dashed but it seems from this that we may be spending just a little while longer in the civilised world.

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