Consecration of Bishop of Sheffield

The Diocese of Sheffield has issued the following details relating to the consecration of the Very Revd Dr Pete Wilcox on 22n June.

The Consecration of the Very Revd Dr Pete Wilcox, 22 June 2017

2nd May 2017

Her Majesty the Queen has nominated the Very Revd Dr Pete Wilcox as the eighth Bishop of Sheffield.  Dr Wilcox will be consecrated on Thursday 22 June 2017 at 11.00 am in York Minster.  Those wishing to attend the service should notify the Diocesan Secretary, Mrs Heidi Adcock, by Friday 2 June at or telephone 01709 309117.  Congregational tickets are not being issued, but numbers will be notified to the Minster in advance of the service.  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers in our preparations.

Clergy and Readers are invited to robe (cassock, surplice, scarf and hood); those wishing to do so should notify Mrs Heidi Adcock, by Friday 2 June.  A blue robing e-ticket will be sent to you by email before the service.

Please be aware that parking at York Minster is very restricted and public transport or park and ride is advised; a map provided by York Minster can be found below and further guidance on Park and Ride is available on the Travel York website. Disabled blue badge holders are eligible to park either outside St Williams College, Deangate or the Dean Court Hotel.

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6 thoughts on “Consecration of Bishop of Sheffield

  1. Might it be too much to hope that Dean “Pete” might become “Peter” as a “successor to the Apostles” – one of whom interestingly was called Peter

    • In our 6 November post A bishop by any other name, we noted that when his predecessor was translated to Oxford, there was a degree of consternation in certain parts of the diocese that the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft signs himself as ‘+Steven Oxford’ rather than ‘+Steven Oxon’. My view was that the diocese should be grateful that it eventually had a diocesan bishop and what he calls himself is really his own concern. Her Majesty’s Congé d’Elire merely referred to the “Bishopric of Oxford” and was silent on the style of Bishop Steven.

      Given the sensitivity of the Sheffield situation, perhaps an allusion to a “successor to the Apostles” might not be appropriate.

      • The reference was meant lightheartedly – as to the americanised spelling “Steven” my lips shall remain sealed

        • Again, lightheadedly, I wondered whether the instruction “Clergy and Readers are invited to robe (cassock, surplice, scarf and hood)” really meant “No Anglo-Catholic tat”. And for abbreviation of names, my dislike is for “Dave” which I associate with sexually active postman/petty criminals in “Midsomer Murders”.

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