Consecration of missionary bishop

The Anglican Mission in England (AiME) has published the following Press Release. 

Consecration of Canon Andy Lines as a Missionary Bishop

June 2017

is delighted that Canon Andy Lines has been consecrated as a missionary bishop.

In England, as elsewhere in the United Kingdom, there is an urgent need for new Anglican churches where the Gospel is proclaimed and many can embrace the life-giving rule of Jesus Christ. We thank God for the support of the GAFCON Primates in the consecration of a missionary bishop for such a time as this.

continues with the vision to pioneer and establish local congregations that seek to submit to the authority of Scripture over the whole of life. A new generation of Anglican church leaders is being identified, trained and sent out to share the good news of Jesus and bring people together in new local churches. These churches and their ministers require the support and example of missionary bishops who themselves both proclaim and defend the Gospel, and will encourage others to do the same.

Bishop Andy Lines, as Chairman of the Executive Committee of , has worked tirelessly to keep the establishing and strengthening of healthy, local Anglican congregations as ‘s top priority. He is a man of proven experience in Christian mission, whose compassion for those who are lost is widely recognised both here in the United Kingdom and across the Anglican Communion.

We will continue to pray for him and work with him as he gives us leadership in bringing the people of this land into a renewed relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

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5 thoughts on “Consecration of missionary bishop

  1. He should be careful we don’t eat him Stephen.
    And when are we going to get all those pagan gods out of our weekday names.
    Woden’s day indeed!

    How come that since our paganisation we no longer legally physically attack small boys in our schools, have homosexual love between consenting adults as a criminal offence on the statute book and execute men and women by hanging as a legal penalty.
    All changes in my lifetime as we have become less religious and more “pagan”.

    • Or, alternatively, not that we’ve become less religious and more pagan, but that we’ve simply changed our views. After all, the Pauline epistles connive at – if not positively recommend – slavery: see, eg, Ephesians 6:5. Nowadays, it gets you arrested. And quite right too.

  2. Alan
    a cautionary note regarding Bishop Andy
    he is operating without a royal mandate – the sine qua non of priestly and episcopal ministry since apostolic times –
    thus risking the issuance of a writ of praemunire

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