Recent queries and comments -19th August

An occasional prequel to our weekly round-up

Following an initial collection of queries and comments in our 13 August round-up, we have compiled a further batch of “Quick Answers”  which provides links within the blog to questions which have arisen from searches of, or comments during the past week or so. The content of these “Saturday Supplements” does not necessarily represent our most-read blogs, but reflects current interests of readers accessing the site on (mostly) contemporary issues. 

General searches

Question Quick Answer L&RUK post/comment
Does common-law right to burial in churchyards extend to everyone, including suicides and the unbaptized? Yes: suicides (but not assisted suicides) and the unbaptised. Background in GS 1972B. Canon B38 changed through Amending Canon 37 in July Synod 2017. Conscience clause for clergy.
Australian Royal Commission recommends lifting seal of confessional Recommendations published 14 August 2017. Australian Royal Commission recommends lifting seal of confessional, (170814).
Does the CofE have confession? Yes, both private (sacrament of reconciliation) & general confession (congregational). CofE to axe seal of confessional?, (140922), and  Seal of confessional: its future in the CofE, (141028).
Active Methodist supernumeraries In 2017, data indicate that 58 people became supernumeraries.  Methodist ministers and “retirement” – sort of, (140930). Written following L&RUK searches.
UK gov review sharia Review launched May 2016. Report expected end 2017. UK Government launches independent review into sharia, (160526).
sir philip mawer& sheffield scandal Review requested by ABC & ABY, 24 March 2017. The Independent Reviewer and the Sheffield See, (170328).
s77 building act 1984 New to us, but potentially relevant. S77 Dangerous building See Dangerous/defective buildings and the role of the local authority.
the law on eid holiday Westminster Hall debate, 21 July 2016, on e-petition. Public holidays, religion and the law , (140725)
eu-wide definition of ‘marriage’ and ‘family’ European Citizens’ Initiative, (ECI), MUM, DAD & KIDS submitted 15 October 2015. New EU Citizens’ Initiative to “protect marriage and family”, (151021)
church of Scotland  ministers and deacons in civil partnerships General Assembly vote, 21 May, 2016. Same-sex marriage and the Church of Scotland, (160510)
shortage of burial spaces in nj We haven’t covered this, but apparently there isn’t. How Manhattan’s Shortage of Burial Sites Has Affected the Market, (140126)
A Grave Injustice to Religious and Economic Liberty in New Jersey, es(160828)


Case law related search

 A vs Watchtower UK Latest development on vicarious liability for historic sexual abuse Reviewed: June 2015March 2016April 2017; and August 2017.
essop & ors v home office (uk border agency); and naeem v secretary of state for justice Judgment on conjoined cases, 5 April 2017. Lady Hale on indirect discrimination: Essop and Naeem, (170407).
time off to attend church uk Judgment, 15 December 2016; handed down, March 2017. Still no time off for religious observance: Gareddu in the EAT, (170310).

The questions are the search terms used, verbatim; the dates of our posts in parentheses are in the format (yymmdd).


For matters oltre Tevere, such as what to do when a spider falls into the chalice, or a priest dies part-way through Mass, we would suggest that the blog of Fr. John Zuhlsdorf might be a better place to look; nevertheless, “the spider in the consecrated wine” does appear to have parallels with M’Alister (or Donoghue) v Stevenson [1932] UKHL 100, (a.k.a. “snail in the ginger beer bottle”) of which Fr Z, as an US priest, may be unaware. Another site providing “canon law lite” advice is Cathy Caridi’s Canon Law Made EasyChurch Law for Normal People! 


As stated in our General Terms and Conditions, at L&RUK we do not give legal advice, or purport to do so. This post is a summary of recent enquiries and comments, and links to relevant coverage in this blog and elsewhere. With regard to on-going issues, the date of this sourced material is of particular importance. For specific queries on the application of the legislation, professional legal advice should be sought.

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