Re-launched CofE website: some quick links

Quick links to pages of possible interest to L&RUK readers: Part I – law and policy

On 15 November, the Church of England issued a Press Release announcing the re-launch of its web site. As a consequence of the redesign, the URLs of a number of links used in L&RUK and elsewhere have changed and the old links are no longer active. Below are a number of quick links to pages of interest to ourselves and hopefully to our readers, intended to circumvent endless “scrolling down” or grappling with the “simple navigation, an improved search engine, improved website accessibility”.

The headings below do not exactly reflect the CofE site’s new architecture, but have been selected as areas of greatest interest to readers. The new A Church Near You site will be integrated into the new website when it launches soon, and by the end of January 2018, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York websites will go live.

Media Centre

Readers who enter their email into the box entitled “Bring some joy to your inbox”, which is above the “Prayer for the Day” on most pages, will find, inter alia, the sign-up for the highly recommended Daily Media Digest. As before, links to the Digest of items reported by the media are emailed to users of the service.

Policy and Thinking

Worship Texts and Resources

Leadership and Governance

The section on Legal Services gives an explanation of the work of  the Legal Office, and includes the following areas:

  • Clergy Discipline Information on the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 and how to make a complaint, including Tribunal Decisions
  • Legislation, Measures, Canons, Secondary/subordinate Legislation, History. Apart from the Canons, supra, these pages rely to a great extent on the external government site which has categories in its efficient search engine for Church Measures and Church Instruments
  • Subordinate Legislation, Some subordinate legislation made by the General Synod and/or the House of Bishops does not need to be laid before Parliament. There are links to such legislation which is currently in force.


The important section, Safeguarding, includes information on:

Recent documents include:

Life events parochial fees and guidance

Cathedrals and Church Buildings Link to ChurchCare

This page will be updated and re-issued as new material is transferred to the website. 

David Pocklington

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19 thoughts on “Re-launched CofE website: some quick links

  1. Thank you, David, for this: it is most helpful. I wonder, sometimes, whether those who construct a new website for an organisation appreciate the adverse knock-on effect for links to their documents in other websites. There is also a lot of documents that need to be transferred from the old CofE website: I’ve noted, in particular, that no General Synod papers pre July 2017 are on the new website yet, nor any of the Reports of Proceedings.

    • As the re-launch of the CofE web site was only last week, we thought it premature to write a critique of revisions &c, and our most positive option was to post some “quick links” that might be of use to our readers. It appears to us that the rationale for the revision of the site was the production of a “mission-based” tool for taking the CofE forward. Whilst one cannot argue with this, in so doing, the use of site by ecclesiastical lawyers, diocesan registrars, members of Synod &c seems have received less consideration.

  2. It is to be hoped that CofE IT read this blog.
    Should they do so, they might consider the search engine on the new site.
    I was looking for the Church Commissioners’ Green Guide.
    All the links provide by a Google search return the message ‘This page does not exist’

    Using the site’s own search engine for either
    Church Commissioners’ Green Guide
    or “Church Commissioners” “Green Guide”

    returns over 3000 results: it seems that it will find any page with any of the words, irrespective of quotes.

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