Re-launched CofE website – further links

Part II – Clergy and General Synod

On Monday 20th November, we posted some “quick links” to pages we considered might be of possible interest to L&RUK readers. The following links were obtained from by the Church’s twitter page in which answers were provided to specific queries concerning the revised web site, see below. In contrast to our earlier post which focussed on policy and law, these primarily concern issues which are of relevance to the clergy and members of General Synod. They have been grouped below under headings which reflect the architecture of the revised site, and indicate where related issues are likely to be found.

Worship Texts and Resources

News/Guidelines for the Professional Conduct of the Clergy


More/Policy and thinking

Church of England

Life Events/Vocations

Life events/parochial fees and guidance

General Synod

  • Commissions & Committees An overview of each of the Committees and Commissions of the General Synod. Further information such as membership, future meeting dates and other useful documents can all be found here.


As noted above, these links are the result of questions by different people to the Church’s Communications Team via the Contact Us page, which also includes responses to a number of frequently asked questions:


On 26 November, the CofE tweeted “A Church Near You in November which will include being able to add Fresh Expression and other types of CofE churches that don’t fit into the traditional parish structure!”

Additional links were added to this post on 27 November.

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