Re-launched CofE website: legal opinions & ors

More links to issues of legal interest: Part III – Legal Opinions and other guidance

Following the re-launch of the Church of England web site on 15th November 2017, we have posted some “quick links” to pages we considered might be of possible interest to L&RUK readers; further links were obtained from by the Church’s twitter page in which answers were provided to specific queries concerning the revised web site, see below. The former focussed on policy and law, whereas the primarily concern issues which are of relevance to the clergy and members of General Synod.

The Legal Services section of the website now includes Legal Opinions from the General Synod’s Legal Advisory Commission, as well as other formal guidance relating to legislation; those relating to clergy discipline were summarized in our earlier post.

Legal Opinions

New and revised Opinions issued by the Legal Advisory Commission since the preparation of the 2007 edition are available for download from the links below as follows:

A comprehensively revised and updated eighth edition of the Legal Opinions was published by Church House Publishing in 2007 and is available for purchase on their website. Subjects of new or significantly revised Opinions include:

  • The clergy and confidentiality
  • Appointment of non-stipendiary ministers as incumbents
  • Consecration of sites for ‘green’ burials
  • Ownership of tombstones and monuments in churchyards
  • Disturbances during services in cathedrals
  • Legal responsibilities of PCC members

Other Guidance

Addendum (10 January 2018)


On 14 December 2014, the Law Commission announced that chancel repair liability is one of 14 projects that it will look at over the next three years. The other projects for 2017-2020 are: a modern framework for disposing of the dead; administrative review; automated vehicles; electronic signatures; employment law hearing structures; intermediated securities; modernizing trust law; museum collections; simplifying the immigration rules; and surrogacy.

Updated 8 February 2021 at 18:19. 

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