Royal Wedding – some legal links

For readers interested in the legal issues &c associated with today’s Royal Wedding, here are the relevant links in chronological  order:

For reference, the Order of Succession to the throne is hereOther relevant posts are:


In common with other recent royal weddings in London (29 April 2011) and Edinburgh (30 July 2011), the Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Windsor Castle) Regulations 2018 impose restrictions on flights in the vicinity of Windsor Castle on 19th and 20th May. 

Those following the service might be interested in Presiding Bishop Bingo, produced by the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, comprising frequently used phrases of the Presiding Bishop, the Most Revd Michael Curry.

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  1. And those who, like me, who aren’t remotely interested might like to know that the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland begins today: there will be live video and audio streams of the proceedings, available from this link.

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