Law & Religion UK Privacy Statement

The General Data Protection Regulation came into operation on 25 May, and this statement outlines how we now treat personal data.

  • All information held by L&RUK on subscribers prior to midnight 24 May 2018 has been deleted.
  • From 25 May 2018, those wishing to continue receiving e-mail notifications must subscribe afresh.
  • Re-subscription, and new subscriptions post-midnight 24 May 2018, is made on the basis that this is informed consent to L&RUK holding the e-mail addresses of individual subscribers on its system.
  • We only hold the e-mail addresses of those who have registered/re-registered to receive e-mail updates; we hold no other personal data on subscribers; we do not have access to e-mail addresses of those who have subscribed via WordPress.
  • We only communicate with subscribers by e-mail and not by any other means
  • For the purposes of the GDPR, we understand that we have a legitimate interest in holding that information and that subscribers recognise that interest.
  • Three people have access to the e-mail addresses on the back end of WordPress: ourselves and our website designer.
  • L&RUK is not a commercial operation – it does not charge for access and we do not take advertising – and we therefore appear to be exempted from the requirement to register with the ICO; we are, however, actively considering the possibility of voluntary registration.
  • Prior to 25 May 2018, our posts occasionally included announcements about new publications and conferences for which there is a charge. Until there is clarification on the application of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations in this area, we will not include such announcements.
  • We are currently revising the format of the blog and will include a specific “unsubscribe” option on the Home Page; until then, readers wishing to unsubscribe should  do so via the Comments option at the bottom right-hand corner of the Home Page, see extract below:


Frank Cranmer and David Pocklington 

25 May 2018

8 thoughts on “ Law & Religion UK Privacy Statement

    • Then if you want to do so via e-mail as well as via WordPress, could you please give me ten minutes to erase the current subscription list, then resubscribe?


      • What do we actually need to do to resubscribe? There’s no ‘yes’ button (or whatever we need to press/enter) in the above post.

        • When I get the existing approvals removed from the system (which is proving more difficult than I imagined), you’ll have to go on to the home page and press ‘subscribe’ – which is what you did to subscribe in the first place.

  1. Why are some organisations or bodies being absurdly over cautious forcing people to re-subscribe or re-enter all their details?
    The time this is taking up is absurd
    Hallmark Hotels even required me to prove I’m not a robot whereas Legacy Hotels (amongst others) simply invited me to submit a Yes to new t&c’s and others just give you the option of unsuscribing if you should wish to

    • I can’t speak for the others, but if David and I get fined for non-compliance, there isn’t some nice cosy institution to bail us out: we just go bankrupt.

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