Readers’ recent queries and comments – early June

More answers to readers’ queries and comments

Below is a further compilation of “Quick Answers” to questions which have arisen from searches of, or comments during the past couple of weeks, providing links to our blog posts addressing these issues.

As before, the topics covered in these occasional posts do not necessarily represent our most-read blogs, but reflects the current interests of readers accessing the site on (mostly) contemporary issues.

General searches

Question Quick Answer L&RUK Answer
public health funerals nhs NHS trusts have responsibilities. Section 46(1) Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 places duty on local authorities. “Public health funerals” and “direct cremation”, (160729)
does the church have a law Most faith groups have own regulations. Only Church of England  laws are part of UK law. Church and State – an idiot’s guide, (1212014).
philip charles hardwick English architect, 1822 to 1892. See Round-up, 23 April 2017
parish council grants to churches auditor criticisms May a parish council grant-aid a place of worship? (170307).
baby name law uk Naming Children: England and Wales, 2013, (140815).
is witchcraft legal in the uk Witchcraft (and paganism) increasingly deemed to fall within protection afforded by human rights legislation. Paganism, religion and human rights, (141020).
public health funerals nhs “Public health funerals” and “direct cremation”, (16029).
what does a church bell ring for uk Single bell for: Angelus, Sanctus, Funeral, Call to worship, CCCBR Commemorative Ringing
can you have religious readings at a civil ceremony? No.

Case Law related searches

Question Quick Answer L&RUK Answer
de groen v gan menaclem hendon Ms Z De Groen v Gan Menachem Hendon Ltd [2017] UKET 3347281/2016 May a faith-based nursery school sack a teacher for cohabitation? De Groen, (171212).

Links to sources of frequently sought data

For those unfamiliar with the architecture of the Church of England’s revised website, we have posted some quick links to areas of potential interest to ecclesiastical lawyers (and clergy), here, (law & policy); here, (clergy and General Synod) and here, (legal opinions and other guidance).

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