Planning for the next Accession and Coronation

Robert Hazell and Bob Morris are the authors of two reports published by the UCL Constitution Unit on 23 May that look forward to the Accession and Coronation of the next monarch. In this guest post, they consider the possibility of change.


Considering change in the arrangements around the accession and coronation of the next monarch might be thought premature. But because so much has to be decided quickly, within 24 hours of the Queen’s death, it is important to spend time now considering the issues that will arise before they have to be dealt with in the rush of a new reign. There will be no shortage of critics ready to snipe at the new monarch and the government if anything goes wrong; the more things can be thought through in advance, the better.

The first report – Swearing in the new King: the Accession Declaration and Coronation Oaths – is the product of a study conducted jointly by both authors. Continue reading