Law and religion round-up – 12th August

Sharia, religious conversations at work, Brexit and the Irish, IICSA, council prayers – and more.

More on Akhter

Media comment on Akhter continues to vary from the measured to the crass. In Family Law, Siddique Patel and Peter Morris ask Does Akhter v Khan mean that English Law now recognises Shariah marriages? – to which their answer is a firm “No”. For the most ignorant comment we’ve seen so far, try Meira Svirsky of the Clarion Project, who asks, Should This UK Court Rule According to Sharia Law? and reports that “In a landmark decision, a court in the UK ruled according to sharia law for the first time”. Which will no doubt come as news to Williams J who, we imagine, thought he was ruling according to the law of England and Wales. We can’t help wondering whether she actually bothered to read the judgment. Continue reading