Law and religion round-up – 2nd September

Health & safety and data protection are in the news again – Antisemitism, alas, is rarely out of it…

Data protection and the GDPR

In a blog post picked up by the Financial Times, the law firm EMW reports that the number of complaints about data protection breaches has more than doubled since the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect. The Information Commissioner’s Office has said that there were 6,281 complaints between 25 May 2018 – the day on which the GDPR came into force – and 3 July 2018: a rise of 160 per cent in comparison with the same period in 2017, when there had been 2,417 complaints.

We’ve been banging on, Cassandra-like, about the likely impact of the GDPR for at least a year: we repeat, be very, very careful.

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