IICSA mandatory reporting seminar – 27th September

Details published of the first of two IICSA seminars on mandatory reporting

The seminar on 27th September will look at existing obligations to report child sexual abuse in England and Wales, and at the experiences of other countries where mandatory reporting legislation exists. In the morning, existing obligations to report child sexual abuse in England and Wales will be considered, and how these differ across professions and institutions will be explored.

The afternoon session will consider how mandatory reporting laws operate in a number of countries outside England and Wales, and any impact these laws may have had on preventing and responding to child sexual abuse.

The seminar is to be held at the Inquiry’s hearing centre at 18 Pocock Street, London, SE1 0BW, and the IICSA has posted the following information:

A second seminar will be held in April 2019, at which the Inquiry will consider the arguments for and against the introduction of mandatory reporting legislation in England and Wales, and the practical considerations involved in introducing such a law.

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