More answers to readers’ queries and comments – end 2018

More answers to readers’ queries and comments

Below is a further compilation of “Quick Answers” to questions which have arisen from searches of, or comments during the November and December, providing links to our blog posts addressing these issues.

As before, the topics covered in these occasional posts do not necessarily represent our most-read blogs, but reflects the current interests of readers accessing the site on (mostly) contemporary issues.

Question Quick Answer L&RUK Answer
llm canon law modules Examples on Cardiff 2019 Prospectus, page 84. More information on Canon Law LLM.
laws enforced that impact on religion in the uk since 1970 Suggest sign up for an LLM (Canon Law) at Cardiff, supra.
canon t.j. nuns, Church of England We had difficulty in deciphering this search, however, one possible answer is … Rev. Thomas Jackson Nunns who was a private school headmaster, 1865-1890.
is church organist employed by pcc or by vicar Organist is appointed by the minister with the agreement of PCC, Canon B 20 Parish Music: organists and choirmasters and church musicians
monstrance Re their legality in the CofE, we concluded “Yes – but only just”. See: Monstrances in the Church of England: are they legal? (160405).
how can I find out progress of prospective legislation Subscribe to appropriate updates on government sites, e.g. Bills & legislation (UK Parliament); this blog &c. Newly enacted legislation here.
article 8 echr grainville towe Assume this is “Grenfell Tower”. We haven’t covered it, but … … see EHRC Grenfell as a human rights issue
reuse of grave in islam Unfortunately, this is not within our area of expertise.
legal for church graves to be reused land Yes, subject to local circumstances and consideration by consistory court.
church of England fees 2019 table This is now a frequent query, so we have included it as a “standard” link, below. An explanation of their derivation is here.

Q&A on other areas of ecclesiastical law

Fr Z: ASK FATHER Summaries of Fr Z’s more detailed responses are given below.

“Canon Law Made Easy, Cathy Caridi

Links to sources of frequently sought data

We have also posted some quick links to other areas of potential interest Church of England’s revised web site: for ecclesiastical lawyers (and clergy), here, (law & policy); here, (clergy and General Synod) and here, (legal opinions and other guidance).

Unless marked §, the questions are the search terms used, verbatim; questions arising externally to the blog, (twitter/other), are marked the dates in parentheses are in the format (yymmdd). As stated in our General Terms and Conditions, at L&RUK we do not give legal advice, or purport to do so. 

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