Law and religion round-up – 6th January

And as you pack away the Christmas decorations for another year…

… it’s Brexit (continued)

Advocate General Sharpston has written an extremely helpful Twitter thread on what the UK may and may not do in relation to the notification of withdrawal under Article 50 TFEU over the three months to 29 March 2019. Thread Reader has helpfully rolled up the whole thing into a single page, here.

Vegans not welcome?

The BBC recently reported that The Dorset pub in Lewes, East Sussex, had banned vegans during a Boxing Day hunt, leading to a backlash on social media. Harvey’s, the brewery which owns the pub, said that it was “appalled” and that an employee had been suspended over the “inappropriate” sign. All of which, of itself, is barely credible – but is such a ban legal? Continue reading