ChurchCare’s new web presence

The following information on the new ChurchCare web site was posted on the Archdeacons’ News web site, Bulletin No. 41, February 2019

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New web presence 

ChurchCare has a new web presence.

You will all have seen the Church of England’s new website. It is part of a desire to collate all Church of England content within one central website. We have now rewritten, updated and moved all our ChurchCare content onto a new section of our central website. Our ChurchCare website is still active but by the end of February we will be closing it down following the end of our current hosting contract.

The ChurchCare web address will remain active and we will be adding forwarding links to all our previous webpages. This will automatically redirect the current URLs to our new central webpages. We are currently adding internal links to the new content, which will be complete within the next week. Once we close our ChurchCare website, if you notice that some of our old URLs used on your website no longer work, please inform James Miles. Some content has been removed as it was out of date and some pages have been merged together to reduce the overall number of webpages. If content still in use has been removed it can be added back and we can set up a URL redirect for a particular page. Direct links to our PDFs will no longer work and we will not be adding redirects to our media content.

Our new central landing page is here. Moving our ChurchCare website over to the central Church of England website will allow our website to remain functional and updated with the latest technology. It provides a greater basis for our content to be found. In July 2018 the central website had had over 5.5 million page views, engaging with 1 million new people following its update. With our content now available on this website, it will be accessible to these people, and provides a more direct connection between the central mission and work of the church as well as other church resources that will be of use to parishes and dioceses.

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