Scottish independence as a protected philosophical belief? McEleny round three

An Employment Tribunal judge has upheld a ruling that an SNP councillor’s beliefs about Scottish independence are similar to a religious or philosophical belief.

In 2016 Chris McEleny, the SNP group leader on Inverclyde Council, was working as an electrician at the Ministry of Defence plant in Beith, North Ayrshire, when he announced his bid to become his party’s, Deputy Leader. After the leadership hustings began, the MoD revoked his security clearance and suspended him from his job. The MoD’s National Security Vetting then questioned him on his suitability for clearance. He alleged that a number of political issues were raised by National Security Vetting, including his anti-Trident position, his social media activity in relation to Irish politics and a speech that he gave at his party’s conference in 2012. His security clearance was subsequently reinstated, but he resigned and took the MoD to an employment tribunal. Continue reading