Mobile phone infrastructure in churches

At the end of last year, the Archdeacons’ Forum posted information on the Mobile phone infrastructure in churches. In view of the recent interest shown in this issue, a copy of this information is reproduced below.

Mobile phone infrastructure in churches

Parish Buying has established a standard framework contract with NET Coverage Solutions for parishes whose buildings may be considered for use in accommodating mobile network infrastructure. The Electronic Communications Code 2017, which is set out in Schedule 3a to the Communications Act 2003, contains wide-ranging reforms in favour of mobile network operators. We know that some parishes have already been approached by operators looking to negotiate new agreements at substantially reduced rents under the Code. With the new framework contact in place we would now strongly advise parishes to refer the approach to NET Coverage Solutions Limited, and to their DAC Secretary. The new standard framework contract is the result of a national tender process and offers the following benefits for parishes:

  • Standardised terms and a consistent approach to obtain a fair price.
  • Efficient project management through a trusted delivery partner with established process timelines for implementation.
  • Compliance with the relevant legal requirements (including the requirements of ecclesiastical law).

Further details can be found on the Parish Buying website: Parishes can contact NET Coverage Solutions at, or, the Development Manager in the Diocese of London responsible for commercial aspects of mobile telecommunication installations in churches, for further information.

At L&RUK we do not give legal or technical advice, or purport to do so. This post reproduces information circulated in Archdeacons’ News Bulletin no. 39 December 2018 pages 6/7. For specific queries, professional advice should be sought.

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