Law and religion round-up – 19th May

Civil vs religious divorce, marriage, Islam, churchwardens, human rights: just a typical random week… 

Civil divorce vs religious divorce?

The Times (£) reports a complex case in the Court of Appeal in which a Jewish husband is challenging a maintenance order of the Family Court in Manchester on the grounds, inter alia, that its existence traps him in his religious marriage. In Moher v Moher, the couple, who were married 1995 and have three children, split in 2016. Ms Moher was awarded £1.6 million and Mr Moher was also ordered to pay her £1,850 a month in maintenance until he granted her a get. He argues that the maintenance order prevents him from giving her a get because the wording of the order means that any get presented by him will be rejected by the Jewish religious authorities. Said his counsel,

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