More answers to readers’ queries and comments – late April/May

More answers to readers’ queries and comments

Below is a further compilation of “Quick Answers” to questions which have arisen from searches of, or comments during recent weeks, providing links to our blog posts addressing these issues.
As before, the topics covered in these occasional posts do not necessarily represent our most-read blogs, but reflects the current interests of readers accessing the site on (mostly) contemporary issues.
In some cases, the answers given below may not provide a complete answer to the subject of the search, but hopefully, should provide some basic information on the topic as we discerned the requirements from the sometimes cryptic search terms.

Question Quick Answer L&RUK Answer
message from the extra terrestrials poster neuchatel “New religious movements”, freedom of expression – and divided opinions, (120720). Mouvement Raëlien Suisse v Switzerland 16354/06 [2012] ECHR 1598 (GC) (13 July 2012).
abortion law and ethics notes Gender-specific abortion: law and ethics, (130918).
faculty needed for disinterrment public cemetery Yes, if burial is in part of a cemetery consecrated by the Church of England
When is St George’s Day celebrated in 2019 St George’s Day: Church and State, (190424).
does the law regulate religion uk Faith groups in UK are subject to statutory regulation. Canons, Measures and certain secondary legislation of the CofE are part of UK law.
church nmw Religious workers, interns, volunteers and the National Minimum Wage, (140723).
wicca uk Paganism, religion and human rights, (141020).
who are church of england churchyard interment fees paid to CofE Table of Parochial Fees shows split of fees between the diocese and the church.
that the secretary of state had exceeded her powers under s 29 ctsa The Prevent Duty, free speech and privacy: Butt, (170803). Butt v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] EWHC 1930 (Admin).
why choristers don’t wear surplice on Good Friday – I Sometimes they do, as this year at David’s church, but not always in previous years. It’s a mix of churchmanship and priestly preference.
why choristers don’t wear surplice on Good Friday – II. In some churches, choir remove surplices at Altar of Repose on Maundy Thursday, before dispersing.

Case law related queries

Question Quick Answer L&RUK Answer
sas v france alternative judgement Ban on covering face in public not a breach of ECHR: SAS v France, (140701). SAS v France and the face-veil ban: some reactions, (140705).
r v smith (john anthony james) [1974] 58 cr app r 106 Gender-specific abortion: law and ethics, (130918).

Church of England Parochial Fees 2019

Since first posting Church of England parochial fees 2019 on 18 November 2018, this has been our most accessed post; an explanation of the calculation of these fees and the timing of their publication is here. The February 2019 General Synod approved a new scheme for parochial fees which will be applicable for the years 2020 to 2024 inclusive; these are discussed in our post Church of England Parochial Fees – Changes for 2020 to 2024. In addition, the fee for the issue of a Marriage Certificate has been increased to £11.00 with effect from 16 February 2019 and that the two-tier fee system for church weddings has been replaced with a single fee regardless of when the Certificate is issued.

Q&A on other areas of ecclesiastical law

“Canon Law Made Easy, Cathy Caridi

Links to sources of frequently sought data

Links to sources of frequently sought data

The Church of England’s revised web site was introduced over a year ago; since then, a number of improvements have been made, and users have become more familiar with the site’s architecture. Nevertheless, we have posted some quick links to areas of potential interest to ecclesiastical lawyers (and clergy), here, (law & policy); here, (clergy and General Synod) and here, (legal opinions and other guidance). We have also prepared “quick links” to Guidance Notes on the new ChurchCare pages on the CofE main web site.

Unless marked §, the questions are the search terms used, verbatim; questions arising externally to the blog, (twitter/other), are marked the dates in parentheses are in the format (yymmdd). Our “Quick Answer” indicates when the topic of the query was last addressed on the blog. As stated in our General Terms and Conditions, at L&RUK we do not give legal advice, or purport to do so.

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