Law and religion round-up – 2nd June

A week largely spent poring over the entrails of the EP election results and the Prime Minister’s announcement of her forthcoming departure…

… on which we shall say no more, since no matter who analyses the results, it always seems to be a case of MRDA (Mandy Rice-Davies Applies).

Racism and politics

As we noted, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has announced a statutory inquiry into alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party. The Muslim Council of Great Britain has since issued a formal request to the EHRC to investigate alleged Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.

Sikhs and the Census 2021

Leigh Day, acting on behalf of the Sikh Federation, has sent a letter before action to the Cabinet Office arguing that it would be unlawful not to include a Sikh ethnicity tick-box on the 2021 Census form, as was recommended by the Office of National Statistics last year. Continue reading